Sunday, October 6, 2013

like I am the HUMAN DYNAMO

Ellen's clothing allowance has been reported at 20% or 30%--inconsistently--but either way this would be a huge jump. The spending cap also used to contain one digit fewer. Not sure how this fits in with the partnership agreement, which should be taking effect for 2014.

Meanwhile Dad has called to apologize for pressuring Ellen to date Sam and then refusing to speak to her when she didn't back down on the issue. I say reconciliation came too soon. I hate Dad's character and am pleased with every post in which he is silent. So can y'all get into another fight--> silent treatment soon?

I am NOT sure how good a boss I will be, but the manageing partner has been buggeing me to hire a new associate to handel my overflow, and do a little tax work also. I do NOT want a sniveling young guy who will make me do all the work. FOOEY ON THAT!
I have been SO Snowed under with all of my casework and my docket runneth OVER! FOOEY! Even the 2 judge’s at the Comp Court look at me like I am the HUMAN DYNAMO with all of the case’s I have. There is a new judge there that is handeling my judge’s over flow so mabye there are alot more cases EVERYWHERE! YAY b/c that mean’s more billeable hours and more firm profits for the managing partner. When I told him alot of my clothe’s are getting worn out on the subway, he said to take a cab to court. I said the cab’s were grungie and the cabbie’s all stare at me thru their mirror’s (some with food in their mouth–FOOEY). I asked if he could take my clotheing allowance up to 75%, and he said he would think about it, but he would put a $15,000 annueal cap on it. I have to talk to my dad to see if this make’s sense b/c onley he know’s the annueal total of my clotheing. I think I will need for him to include acessorie’s now if I am to get the full VALUE, but I will have to talk to dad. He did call me and said that he was sorry for being so pushey. YAY!!!!!


  1. Can you imagine working for Ellen? What a ditzy loon��

  2. Hey, Anonymous, I think Ellen would be as good a boss as any of the men I've worked for. At least she would not be trying to cajole me into bed every time I turned in an assignment. More than 1/2 of the male bosses I've had over the years looked at me sexually more than professionally.

    1. Agree. Anonymous is a jerk.