Wednesday, October 2, 2013

haveing some difficultie’s

Obviously the big deal here is that (a) Ellen has had additional contact with Alan's mom; and (b) the latter is in "Alanon" whether he likes it (or actually attends) or not. Al-Anon is of course a support system for those affected by alcoholism second-hand, so I'm curious about the reality behind this report--insofar as there's any reality behind any of this. Was Mrs. Sheketovits attending Al-Anon for her own reasons, and brought the son along a couple of times because it was all she could do? Or did Ellen simply get the name wrong, and he's in AA where he belong's? 

Self-congratulatory sidebar: I'm pretty sure this little anecdote is the answer to my request that Alan's mother come back into the story, if not Alan himself. That was less than a month ago--not a bad time lag compared to other's we've had from our girl! 

Meanwhile, if you need more background on the creepey guy from college who was interested in Ellen, I suspect it was this European gentleman rather than Henry, who later turned out to have been from Ellen's high school days instead. 

This is funny, Susedna! I had a number of guy’s who were all no good for me. In college there was this guy who alway’s followed me around and told peeople we were dateing, but I was not dateing him–I talked to him in the cafeteria once in a while, but NEVER went out anywhere or even kissed him OR held his hand! FOOEY! because he did NOT bathe, and alway’s smelled like mothe-ball’s! I did NOT even know where he lived!!! He could have lived in the Cafeteria!
Then in law school, there was a guy who wanted ME to be a part of his study group. Because I was haveing some difficultie’s, I did, so we studied (WITH OTHERS) in the cafeteria or in the dorm’s. I NEVER was alone with him ANYWHERE, but he told peeople we were SLEEPEING together. When I found that out, I QUIT the study group. FOOEY b/c he never shaved! GROSS!
And then there was Alan, who I dated for year’s until his ALCHOHOL got unbareable. He wanted me to do everything for him, then for the most part, took from me, then burped and walked away. He NEVER realy stopped his drinkeing, tho lately, his MOM says he enrolled in Alanon with his MOTHER forceing him to do that.
There have been more recent looser’s who ONLEY want sex, but I will NOT have sex with a man now without a ring. FOOEY on that!
  • Ooh, an Ellen-reply!
    Ellen– I think you should definitely list “problems with honesty” as a dealbreaker. (Those two guys who bragged that you went out with them, etc. fail that test.) :-)

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  1. Alan is a pig and the only reason Ellen is still stuck on him is because he managed to get to her, emotionally as well as physically. I am virtually certain he is not objectively attractive (or smart, for that matter). Clearly, if Ellen had not let him into her bed, she would never be talking about him now, especially that he is dating some other unsuspecting woman. Ellen needs to find a decent guy and move on. If she finds a good guy, and enters into another romantic relationship, she may well forget this Alan guy for good. That would be the best thing for her.