Thursday, October 31, 2013

the leave’s are a little past PEEK

Transportation conveyances of all kinds are a problem for Ellen, usually due to ooogleing and odor's. Subways, cab's, MP's boat, even a limo is dubious! Better stick to the stems and log more on the fitbit, I guess.

Meanwhile, Fred. Ellen did get a mystery Valentine's Day bouquet this year from a Fred, though at the time is was a huge question mark because she didn't know anyone by that name. Was Ed's freind smitten by a photo of Ellen, or something? Just waited a few seasons to actually ask for an introduction? Even if they don't meet, I do expect to have this cleared up. 

Great Blouse, Cat? but if I buy it I would HAVE to wear a cami at work b/c of Frank. He is FOREVER stareing at me and without a cami, he would be comeing over and offering me coffee and cookie’s and stareing over my shoulder — FOOEY on that! He has a wife and she has breast’s, so I do NOT know why he is so focussed on mine. Plus, he is stareing at the INTERENET all day and I would NOT even want to find out what websight’s he is lookeing at from his desk. DOUBEL FOOEY!
As for the OP, wow, you are SO organized! YAY!!! But my job is to unpredeictible to tell what I am goeing to be up to hour by hour. All I do know is that I get up, walk to work on my fitbit, get in, usueally by 9 (UNLESS I have to be in court), eat lunch at around noon and go out mabye to Lord & Taylor’s or Macy’s, work STRAIGHT thru until mabye 5530 or 6, then leave and do NON-WORK STUFF. Of course, when I have alot of special project’s, I sometime’s have to stay until mabye 7 and once or twice 8 at night. The manageing partner get’s me a limo b/c he does NOT like me takeing the subway uptown at night with all of the wierdo’s floating around on the 4 and 6 train’s. Dad made him agree to this FORMALY as part of my partnership deal, tho he was sending limo’s for me for the last 3 year’s anyway. But even some of those driver’s are kind of skeevey, and they spend alot of time lookeing at me in their REAR view mirror’s instead of watching the ROAD. They say it’s easy to just drive up Park Avenue, but some are SLOPPY and also eat falafel’s and other smelley things in the car when they drive. They even ask me if I want a FALAFEL and I say no thank you. FOOEY!
Ed called to say Rosa was NOT feeleing well and would I like to come up this weekend and baby sit the kid’s with them. I think I might do it. He said the leave’s are a little past PEEK, but I should get up there b/c he also has a guy, Fred, who want’s to meet me. Fred is in RETAIL up there. I do NOT know what that mean’s but mabye he can get me designer dresses that are better then Lord and Taylor’s. He is onley 30, so I do not think he can be running thing’s b/c it is a family busness. We shall see if I go. I will ask Myrna if she want’s to come. YAY!

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  1. Fred can't be any worse than the rest of this lot of losers. If he indeed is the same secret admirer from Valentine's Day, then perhaps Ellen should give him a chance. Time will tell (though the name Fred has never been associated with anyone intelligent, that we can remember)!